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Department of Electronics & Communication

  • Prof. K. S. Jairaj

Total number of Citations as on 07-06-2021: 214

  • Technical papers published in International Journals: 10

1. K.S.Jairaj, S.P.Singh, K.Srikant, 2009, A review of solar dryers developed for grape drying, Solar Energy, 83 (9), 1698-1712. Impact factor: 2.011, ISSN: 0038-092X

2. S.P.Singh, K.S.Jairaj, K.Srikant, 2012, Universal drying rate constant of seedless grapes: A Review, Renewable & Sustainable Energy Reviews, 16 (8), 6295-6302. Impact factor: 5.627, ISSN: 1364-0321

3. K.S.Jairaj, K.Srikant, 2012, Simulation and Testing of Induction motors used with Irrigation pumps, International Journal of Automation & Power Engineering, 1(2), 32-37. ISSN: 2161-5055

4. S.P.Singh, K.S.Jairaj, K.Srikant, 2014, Influence of variation in temperature of dipping solution on drying rate constant and colour parameters of Thompson seedless grapes, International Journal of Agricultural and Food Science, 4(2), 36-42. ISSN: 2249-8516

5. S.P.Singh, K.S.Jairaj, K.Srikant, 2014, Effect of variation in temperature of alkaline dipping solution on drying time and quality of black seedless grapes, International Journal - Accounts of Biotechnology Research, 1(1), 1-7. ISSN: 2350-0656

6. S.P.Singh, K.S.Jairaj, K.Srikant, 2015, Comparison of drying characteristics of Green and Black seedless grapes using hot air dryer, International Journal of Science, Technology and Society, 1(2), 73-79. ISSN: 2395-1605

7. S.P.Singh, K.Srikant, K.S.Jairaj, 2016, Motor control circuits used in Automatic Sun tracking systems – A Review, Journal of Instrumentation Technology and Innovation, 6(1), 43-60. ISSN: 2249-4731

8. S.P.Singh, K.Srikant, K.S.Jairaj, 2017, Performance Evaluation of a low cost standalone solar Photovoltaic system used for rural applications, International Journal of Engineering, Technology, Science and Research, 4(8), 1044-1050. ISSN 2394 - 3386

9. S.P.Singh, K.Srikant, K.S.Jairaj, 2017, Performance Evaluation of a tilted single axis Photovoltaic tracking system under different weather conditions, International Journal of Alternate Energy Sources and Technologies, 8(2), 45 - 55. ISSN 2230 - 7982

10. R. N. Singh, K. Srikant, K. S. Jairaj, 2020, Techno-Economic Analysis of Fixed and Single Axis Tracking Systems Using NPV and IRR Methods, Journal of Energy, Environment & Carbon Credits, 10(3), 34-45. ISSN: 2249-8621

  • Technical papers presented in International Conferences: 05

1. S.P.Singh, K.S.Jairaj, K.Srikant, “The development of solar dryers used for grape drying”, First India International Energy summit, NAGPUR, MAHARASHTRA, January 2011.

2. S.P.Singh, K.Srikant, K.S.Jairaj, “Performance comparison and cost analysis of single axis tracking and fixed tilt PV systems”, International Conference on Current Trends in Engineering Science and Technology - ICCTEST 2017, Don Bosco Institute of Technology, BENGALURU, KARNATAKA, January 2017.

3. S.P.Singh, K.Srikant, K.S.Jairaj, “Evaluation of Technical Feasibility and Economic Viability of Low Power Standlone Photo Voltaic Sun Tracking Systems”, International Conference on Emerging Trends and Advances in Electrical Engineering and Energy Technology - ICETAE3T- 2017, Reva University, BENGALURU, KARNATAKA, May 2017.

4. S.P.Singh, K.Srikant, K.S.Jairaj, “Performance Evaluation of a low cost standalone solar Photovoltaic system used for rural applications”, 7th International Conference on Research Trends in Engineering, Applied Science and Management, Mahratta Chamber of Commerce, Industries and Agriculture - ICRTESM-2017, PUNE, MAHARASHTRA, August 2017.

5. S.P.Singh, K.Srikant, K.S.Jairaj, “Performance Evaluation of a Single Axis Sun Tracker Used in Rooftop Solar Photovoltaic Systems”, International Conference on Green Energy for Sustainable Development - (ICGESD-19), Government Polytechnic, NAGPUR, MAHARASHTRA, February 2019.

  • Technical papers presented in National Conferences: 06

1. K. Srikant, K.S.Jairaj, D.Bhagat, C.K.Nagaral, “Static tap changing of Transformer with Transitional resistor insertion”, 12th National Convention of Electronics and Telecommunication Engineers, TRIVANDRUM, KERALA, October 1996.

2. K. Srikant, K.S.Jairaj, H.Shashikanth, “Tap changing of Transformer using Triac’s with Transitional resistor insertion”, National Conference on Signal Processing and Automation - NCSPA-07, Dr. D.Y. Patil Institute of Engineering & Technology, PUNE, MAHARASHTRA, September 2007.

3. K. Srikant, K.S.Jairaj, H.Shashikanth, “Time delayed triggering circuit for static switches used in Tap changing of Transformers”, National Conference on Current trends in Technology - NUCONE 2007, Institute of Technology, Nirma University of Science and Technology, AHMEDABAD, GUJARAT, November - December 2007.

4. K. Srikant, K.S.Jairaj, “Technical Feasibility of DSRC and IEEE 802.11 in Inter Vehicular Communication”, National Conference on Emerging Electronic and Computing Systems - NCEECS – 2010, School of Electronics, Devi Ahilya Vishwavidyalaya, INDORE, MADHYA PRADESH, March 2010.

5. K. Srikant, K.S.Jairaj, “Relevance of using RFID and Infrared AVI systems in Electronic Toll Collection Plazas”, National Conference on Recent trends in Instrumentation, Communication and Micro-Electronics - INCOMM-10, Shri Vaishnav Institute of Tech. and Science, INDORE, MADHYA PRADESH, April 2010.

6. K.S.Jairaj, K. Srikant, “Drying rate constant of commonly used vegetables using hot air dryer”, National Conference on Emerging trends in Civil and Mechanical Engineering - ETCME - 2014, Chamelidevi Group of Institutions, INDORE, MADHYA PRADESH, October 2014.

  • Reviewer of International Journals: 07

1. Reviewer, International Journal - Solar Energy (ISSN: 0038-092X)

2. Reviewer, Information Processing in Agriculture (ISSN: 2214-3173)

3. Reviewer, British Journal of Applied Science and Technology (ISSN: 2231-0843)

4. Reviewer, African Journal of Biotechnology (ISSN: 1684-5315)

5. Reviewer, Focusing on Modern Food Industry (ISSN: 2325-7016)

6. Reviewer, Scientific Research and Essays (ISSN: 1992-2248)

7. Reviewer, Environmental Science and Pollution Research (ISSN: 0944-1344)

  • Professional Memberships: 05

1. Member, IEEE.

2. Member, Institution of Engineers (India).

3. Chartered Engineer, Institution of Engineers (I).

4. Member, Indian Society for Technical Education.

5. Member, Society of Automotive Engineers INDIA

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